About us

Incredibles services for incredibles people !

Move-On Magazine is born in June 2014 from the wish to creat a trend media platform... But more !

We are a passionate team. We communicate and promote the best of the Cultural, Sport, Corporate and Night outings, link to our partners with actuality, calendar, good deals, reports, interviews and contest games.

Our communication services are intended to the event professional, or close to the outing and leisure thematic.

Our Vision and Values

Our approach is based on the notion of meet, that's why we know perfectly how to popularize a philisophy conference as giving a deep sens of a simple announcement. 

Our curiosity insert itself in redaction and communication adapted to the artistic or cultural critic, as well as events, reports or promotion of a product, an approach.

Move-On Magazine is implicated into all domains, information, communication, reports...

With the willingness to deliver a message assumed, appropried, which is based on the notions of share and truth. 

Proximity / Availability / Reactivity / Listening / Personalized Approach results naturally from this notion of meet.